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The ability to legally move heavy containers in the United States and Canada.


There is a widespread opinion in the U.S. that it is impossible to legally move containers with heavy loads.  However, the basic regulations pertaining to such shipments do not differ very much from the regulations in Poland and other parts of Europe.

The main determining factors as to the road legality of a particular container shipment are the gross vehicle weight and even weight distribution over the axles.  The problem is that each State has their own set of laws and criteria for obtaining overweight permits.  To complicate matters even further, police and other authorities strictly enforce the laws and roadside weight scales are often in use.  The financial consequences of not adhering to the regulations are significant and they can reach into the thousands of Dollars.

Our lengthy experience with heavy container transport allows us to quickly determine the best route, means of delivery, weight limits, container type, and a basic stowage plan in order to adhere to the guidelines in the U.S. while offering a lower overall transportation cost due to the ability to move more cargo in a container.  When the type of cargo allows this, we offer our clients container deliveries to a port of entry, with further delivery via conventional truck.  In cases of steady container flows, this method lowers the overall number of containers that need to be shipped.

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